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About us

My name is Laszlo Nagy, I am the owner and CEO Big Leslie Ltd.

Our company started in 2010 as a pet carrier. Over the years, we have gained a wealth of experience. We strive to make our customers 100% satisfied with our work. Our company has all EU licenses, which is a condition for a quality service to work. Our cars are completely converted for pet transportation. Ventilation system, cooling and heating is provided in all our cars. We can provide the right size box for each pet. We provide a continuous supply of water by using self-drinkers throughout the trip, as well as feeding pets. We work with properly trained shift drivers. Our ever-expanding business has opened us up to all new developments, to provide the best service. We work with a professional team of official veterinarians who check the health of the pets and their documents during each trip. We are registered in TRACES system following the constant changes in EU rules and complying with new regulations.

Why choose us?

  • We only transport pets. In that case it’s impossible that your pet is transported without proper care in the trunk of an enclosed, airless, unheated car, crowded with lots of luggage and other items.  Traditional parcel companies generally do not have any animal transport permits and are not aware of animal transport legislation.
  • Before traveling, we check all documents and pets in collaboration with a professional veterinary team.
  • We keep in touch with your drivers throughout the trip so we can accurately track your pet’s entire journey. If you have any questions about this, we are at your disposal.
  • Our cars are designed and equipped to fully ensure the peaceful travel of your pet.
  • Pet transport is an activity subject to various permits both at home and abroad. Our company has all the necessary permits and documents to carry out the activity.

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